Our IDEAL People

Dr. Emma O'Brien (Mary Immaculate College)

Dr. Emma O Brien is the Director of Taught postgraduate Programmes in MIC. She has worked in the area of digital education since 2000 and has lead and collaborated on several national and international projects in the area.

Ciara Ni Dhrisceoil (Limerick and Clare Education and Traning Board)

María Ángeles Gutiérrez García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Bachelor’s degree in psychology, specializing in Theoretical Experimental Psychology and Industrial Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid (1989) and PhD in Education from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2008). Full Time Lecturer at Autonomous University of Madrid, teaching and researching on ICT applied to the improvement of learning and human development. Principal Investigator in 3 of 10 competitive national and European research projects and Coordinator in 3 of 15 educational innovation projects. Officially recognized a six-year period of research with 14 publications in prestigious international journals and two patents. Director of 8 doctoral theses and currently directing another 2.

Gema de Pablo González (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Associate lecturer in the Interfaculty Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Teacher Training at the UAM, teaching undergraduate, double degree and master's degree subjects. Degree in Psychology and PhD in Education from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Master's Degree in Information and Knowledge Society from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Advanced Master's Degree in Executive and Business Coaching from the University of Salamanca. Double postgraduate degree in Gender Equality Technician and Gender Equality Training Technician from the Nebrija University. Expert in psychotherapeutic intervention in gender violence. Participates in several Erasmus+ research projects. She has also been a lecturer in the Master "Production and Management of e-Learning" organised and taught by the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Moussa Boumadan (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Moussa Boumadan holds a PhD in Education and a Master in ICT in Education and Training from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM); Psychopedagogist and Primary Education Teacher from the University of Granada. Lecturer in the Department of Pedagogy in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at the UAM. He teaches education and training mediated by digital technology. He directs the UAM-MBACADEMY-PITCH Chair of Innovation, Technology and Training in the Music Industry and the Master's Degree in Music Industry with Training in Artistic Management, Management, Marketing and Technology. He has participated in more than 10 national and international competitive research projects aimed at improving teaching and learning through the incorporation of digital technology as a medium at the service of pedagogy. He has an officially recognised six-year research period with more than 10 publications in prestigious international journals. Director of a doctoral thesis and currently directs four others.

Jessica Dinely Cabrera Cuevas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Jessica Dinely Cabrera Cuevas is a Pedagogue from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Master in Communication Sciences, Universidad de la Frontera, Chile. European Doctor in Applied Creativity, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UAM. Lecturer in the Department of Pedagogy at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She coordinates the line of creativity and complexity in the Unesco Chair for Social Justice at the UAM. She has participated in national and European competitive projects. Director of 5 doctoral theses and others in progress. She has been director of the UAM's Expert in Creativity degree.

Mariano Sanz Prieto (Fundación Siglo22)

Mariano Sanz Prieto is a Telecommunications Engineer and has significant experience working on educational technology. He has worked in several international and national projects in these areas since 1989 and is an expert in eLearning and several web 2.0 tools. Mariano has trained teachers around Spain in how to integrate technology in education and how technologies enhance active methodologies (cooperative, multiple intelligences, PBL, flipped classroom, etc.) and is a lecturer on two online masters programs, one with U. Carlos III on the production of eLearning, and the other with U. Pontificia de Comillas, on technologies and methodologies for teachers.

Nuria de Pablo Sánchez (Fundación Siglo22)

Graduate in Journalism and Humanities from the Carlos III University of Madrid, Specialization in mobile and transmedia journalism, Master in Interdisciplinary Intervention in Violence against women with a diploma as an Equality Agent from the International University of Valencia. Expert in inclusive and non-sexist communication, as well as in training related to gender equality. She has been working on KA2 Erasmus+ projects since 2017, with topics related to educational innovation, e-learning, social issues, cultural heritage, employability for people with disabilities, inclusion and gender equality.

Marcos Sanz Prieto (Fundación Siglo22)

Marcos Sanz Prieto is an Industrial Organization Engineer. Master in organizational engineering, project and business management. Have always worked in projects involving the implementation of different type of Internet platforms. In the last years focusing in learning management and e-learning platforms. Has participated in various projects of the European Community, in the last ones as coordinator. Specialist in Unix/Linux servers. Gives support for e-learning platforms based on Moodle for Universities, Schools and different Companies. Also is an specialist studying new features needed for clients and developing it. He has been also a teacher for companies and organisations in different technological issues related with technology and elearning implementation.

Pascal Plantard (Université Rennes 2)

I am full professor at the University of Rennes 2 in Brittany, Co-Director of the largest research network on the uses of technologies, the GIS M@rsouin and co-head of digital research at the CREAD laboratory. Specialist in multidisciplinary research programs combining empirical, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, crossed with cooperative methodologies of open science, I work on the practices of digital technologies in the fields of education, training, higher education and medico-social. I develop an anthropological approach to uses, inside and outside the institutional environment, which starts from the conceptualization of techno-imaginaries and representations, taking into account the historical depth and the symbolic dimension of uses, to result in an objectification of contexts of action and models of educational or social interventions.

Didier Perret (Université Rennes 2)

Assistant coordinator (research engineer) for the french team, Rennes 2 University. Senior teacher (Agrégation) in biology and geology in French secondary school (2004-2023), I have been teacher trainer and digital education leader for the Britany academic region between 2008 and 2020 : I have been in charge of several digital education programs like “digital junior secondary schools” (2013-2016) and creator of the “Research and education Forums”. From 2013 to 2019, I was training pre-service teachers in digital education uses. Qualified with a Master in education sciences in 2015, I am actually PhD Student at Rennes 2 University. My subject is “collective dynamics and individual pathways in digital education technologies appropriation” with a focus on human mediation during the appropriation pathways.

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